Since the late nineties there has been major growth in the number, size and popularity of private yachts in the 24 to 100 metre size range, which are referred to as luxury, large or super yachts. Vessels more than 100 metres in length are known as giga or mega yachts. There are currently more than 20 private yachts of this size on the water.

Large yachts are almost always built to individual commissions and cost tens of millions of dollars. These vessels typically have no real home port although a yacht must be registered in a port of the country to which flag state it is registered.

Yachts will dock in a selected port while the crew performs maintenance tasks and waits for owners or guests to arrive. The vessels will then make cruises with the owners and/or guests aboard.

Owners and charterers look for the very latest in luxury, comfort and style. Onboard, dry waste and food and galley waste must be handled virtually invisibly, hygienically and without odours.

Onboard waste handling with style and sustainability

Building or designing luxury yachts? Uson Marine is a leading supplier of dedicated food waste systems and dry waste systems for yachts. We have the waste handling solutions your clients need to comply with today’s (and many of tomorrow’s) environmental regulations.

Our solutions offer the highest levels of comfort, convenience and hygiene onboard while helping to minimize the impact of yacht operation on the environment.

Whether the systems are to be integrated into the design of a new vessel or retrofitted to an existing one, Uson Marine waste handlng equipment is delivered with customized finishes selected by you or the yacht owner. Thus, it will blend in perfectly with the decor and fittings in the galley and other appropriate locations onboard.


Contributing to ‘Clean Class’Notification, increasing resale value

It goes without saying that a discerning yacht owner wants the very best in seaborne style and comfort. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to apply the same thinking to the waste handling systems. This is why yacht builders and architects worldwide turn to Uson Marine.

At the same time, as pressure increases on the world’s sensitive marine ecosystems, yacht owners are becoming interested in environmental sustainability and perhaps gaining “Clean Class” notification for their vessels. This is achieved by equipping the yacht with the most advanced, energy efficient, environmentally friendly onboard systems.

Uson Marine waste handling systems contribute to “Clean Class” notification by helping the yacht comply with all relevant existing environmental regulations and making it “future proof” in terms of environmental legislation relating to onboard waste handling for years to come. By doing this, they also increase the resale value of the vessel.

Hygienic, odour-free food waste handling

A 50-60 metre yacht with, for instance, 25 people living on board generates a substantial volume of food waste and environmental regulations regarding disposal are becoming increasingly stringent.

In a Uson Marine One-Way Macerator System the food waste is ground by local macerator(s) in the galley and transported by vacuum to a holding tank from where it is discharged into the ocean where permitted. When the vessel is operating within an area where discharge is prohibited, the ground food waste can remain in the holding tank. Most important, the system ensures hygienic transportation and treatment of food waste and the risk of unpleasant odours is eliminated.

The system ensures compliance with IMO Marpol 73/78 Annex V, U.S. Coast Guard and other relevant regulations and standards.

Treating water from galley sinks

To comply with regulations, galley grey water should pass a grease separator before it is discharged to the grey water tank or sewage treatment system. A Uson Marine grease separator has a separation efficiency of 99.5%.

The emptying and cleaning process is done without opening the separator and the grease, fat and oil are collected in a convenient holding tank. The system is hygienic and minimizes potential odours.

Dry waste recycling

Recyclable dry wastes are, for example, plastic, wood, cardboard and paper, glass and metal, such as aluminium.

Uson Marine systems specifically designed for dry waste recycling onboard yachts include marine compactors, baling presses, shredders and crushers. These can reduce the volume of the waste by up to 90 percent (depending on the fraction).

The compacted fractions are collected in recycling bins and, since the waste has been reduced to as little as 10% of its original volume, it occupies minimum space onboard during the storage phase. In port the sorted and compacted waste can be transported ashore and disposed of at minimum cost.


Hygienic treatment of food packaging, etc

In the Uson Marine refrigerated sack compactor food contaminated waste, such as packaging, is compacted in a plastic sack and stored at 4°C to avoid bacterial growth. The unit is perfectly suited for installation in galley areas.

A dust-free ship is a healthy ship

The vessel can be ready to receive guests in the shortest possible time with a labour-saving Uson central vacuum cleaning system In addition to ensuring a clean and comfortable onboard environment, it will greatly improve the level of hygiene and air quality onboard.