davit launched lifeboats

Norsafe conventional lifeboats are used all over the world, both on ships and offshore installations.

The smallest boats in the lifeboat range are approved both as lifeboats and rescue boats. Our largest totally enclosed lifeboat (TELB) has a capacity of 150 people and is the largest on the market.

The boats are double skinned, with foam buoyancy injected into the space between the inner and outer elements. The boats also have dedicated buoyancy tanks. This means that the boats are unsinkable, even damaged and in fully flooded condition.

The craft has a positive stability up to 180º and is self-righting both in intact and flooded condition. The steering rudder nozzle has been specially designed to give maximum thrust from the propeller. The lifeboat system is robust and can easily withstand the powerful winds and high waves associated with extreme weather conditions.

The boats are equipped with on-load lifting hooks which are controlled from a release handle mounted at the steering position. Hooks will release simultaneously when the craft is fully waterborne. All Norsafe conventional lifeboats can be delivered with Norsafe’s new TOR MK2 release system.

All boats and associated equipment have been approved in accordance with the latest SOLAS and subsequent amendments and EC labelled in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive. Hull, superstructure, buoyant tanks, water and provision containers are made of fire-retardant GRP.

Hooks will release simultaneously when the craft is fully waterborne. Emergency release of the hooks is possible but the system is secured against accidential release.

The fire protecting spray system pump takes sea water from the lowest possible location under the boat. The spray system provides water over the entire surface of the craft (1,200 l/min).

The compressed air system has sufficient capacity to provide air for the maximum number of personnel and engine combustion for a minimum of 10 minutes. The over-pressure inside the boat prevent ingress of toxic fumes or gas. Provisions have been made to recharge the air system from the ship's compressed air system.