freefall lifeboat systems

Norsafe Free-fall lifeboats (GES - Gravity Escape System) do have optimized design and a large number of ships and offshore installations are equipped with our free-fall lifeboats.

The benefits are clear: rapid evacuation in emergencies, the boat slides out from a ramp onboard the ship/installation, and hits the water well away from the ship or installation with a high positive forward motion.

Passengers are safe and secure in an enclosed cabin, securely strapped to anatomically shaped seats. The lifeboat system is robust and can withstand high winds, powerful waves and extreme weather conditions. The boats can be fitted with a water spray and compressed air system for protection against fire.

Advantages with freefall-system:

  • Maximum distance from installation# Position to water entry point
  • Positive forward motion after water entry# Good guidance during initial phase of drop giving stability during free fall phase
  • Well proven system designed for large heel/trem angels
  • Robust system against heavy wind and waves from any direction        

Our largest boats can withstand drops from great heights up to 50 m and are highly space efficient. We supply davits specially designed for our free-fall lifeboats and can adapt davits to suit all onboard conditions. All boats and associated equipment have been approved in accordance with latest SOLAS and subsequent amendments and EC labelled in accordance with the Marine Equipment Directive.

Typical specification - subject to revision according to customer requirement.
All products are subject to continuous review. Norsafe as reserves the right to change specification without prior notice.