Integrated systems for precise landing and retrieval of subsea modules in harsh conditions

Module handling systems are customised to comply with vessel’s layout and its specific operational requirements, and are supplied as hangar-integrated tower or as stand-alone aft deck systems of square lattice or gallows box structure. While free-standing towers offer more flexibility, the hangar-integrated alternative offers, safer and more comfortable working environment.

Our module handling systems are fully vessel integrated and are delivered with constant tension guidewire system, double guide cursors, multiple door moonpool system, heave compensated lift winch and personnel lift.

The integrated control system provides a powerful centre for control and monitoring of all aspects of the system. Such systems are ideally suited to enable extremely precise handling of modules of all designs and sizes.

MacGregor module handling systems may be delivered with electrical main, guide-/pod-line and other winches, including energy storage system.

Moonpool door systems can be delivered for ROV and work moonpools of all types and sizes. Single, double or multiple door designs are specifically adapted for the moonpool lift equipment and can be fully integrated with bottom moonpool doors, a deck skid system and vertical rail and cursor system. Door controls may be integrated with the lifting equipment control system and benefit from failsafe locks which ensure equipment and personnel safety.