Military and Professional Boats

Norsafe has a wide range of boats for military and professional use, and attention is paid to guarantee the highest quality. Only the best craftsmanship, components and materials are used. The boats are specially designed to operate away from shore or the mother ship for extended periods of time.

Combining superb seaworthiness, manoeuvrability and high speed, the boats are ideal for all types of assistance, patrols and other special applications. The layout and performance of the boats allow wide ranging functions, including operations in hostile areas.

Undetectable and task flexible
The boats have a low freeboard, a sprayhood specially designed for boarding, an anti-slip deck surface. 
They are self-bailing, have ample deck space, a self-righting system and a sturdy foam-filled fender. Radar waves pass through fiberglass, giving the boats an inherent stealth capability. This combined with very little use of aluminium or steel helps reduce the overall radar signature.

For many users failure of the equipment is not – and cannot be – an option. The boats operating in the “no-failure-zone” can be equipped with a mechanical override control system for the engine electronics. Even if all on board engine electronics are heavily damaged or should fail completely, this system allows for the engines to be manually and mechanically run. Further, Norsafe can provide boats with full redundancy, where the motor, power train and all support functions are fully isolated within the craft. This ensures a safe return for the crew to land or to the mothership.

Approved by authorities
The boats are designed, built and equipped to comply with SOLAS regulations or similar national regulations. Other codes and certifi cation modules can be supplied. All boats are specially designed and constructed to meet the need for fully available, low maintenance, standby and operation.

Following fabrication, all Norsafe boats are fully Factory Acceptance Tested (FAT) to ensure the boat performance and on board systems are fully functioning according to standard test procedures and the agreed specifi cation for the equipment. Customers are welcome to attend FAT and sea trials at Norsafe’s factory which has easy ocean access.

Tailor made solutions
One of the advantages for Norsafe customers is our design fl exibility, making it possible to build boats specifi cally intended to meet client requirements. Since our fi rst deliveries of professional boats all craft have been purpose equipped for specifi c tasks. Norsafe work closely with the customer to understand the requirements and produce concepts most suitable for the purpose the boats are intended for.

Usually inboard diesel engines are fitted - these can be driven by waterjet, stern or surface drives. Petrol outboard motors can also be installed if preferred. Norsafe offer single, twin or triple engine installations. This wide range of propulsion options gives a wide spectrum of operation - from shallow river or coastal operations to high speed offshore use.

All products are subject to continuous review. Norsafe as reserves the right to change specification without prior notice.