Magnum 750

Fast rescue boat designed and manufactured according to SOLAS Classification Society and National Authority requirements.

 The rescue boat has excellent reliability, manoeuvrability, and seakeeping abilities in order to fulfil its prime function - to provide an effective means of search and recovery for persons missing at sea. Design and construction fulfil the need for reliable, low maintenance standby and operation. When installed with an approved davit, the boat fulfils the requirements for fast rescue boats on offshore installations and standby vessels, and is fully compliant with latest requirements for Ro-Ro ships.

The lay out and performance of the boat allow it to perform other roles including, dive support, inspection, patrol, survey and work boat duties.

The Norsafe Magnum 750 comes in three models.  The Magnum 750 Jet is the standard model, and features a narrower console and tandem saddle seating for three.  The Magnum 750 LC, or Large Console, features a larger console for storage and further wind protection, as well as more space in the panel for equipment.  The Magnum 750 LC has three individual saddle seats for greater comfort. The Magnum 750 Mk II is the newest version, with an even larger console, allowing more storage space than the LC model, and the option of fitting larger engines up to 450 HP.