MacGregor Active Heave Compensated Fiber Rope Crane

Full capacity to max depth

Unlike wire rope cranes, MacGregor fibre rope cranes retain maximum load capacity all the way down to maximum depth. With fibre rope, MacGregor has overcome the limitations of steel wire for deep water lifting. MacGregor’s active heave compensated Fibre rope cranes will deliver the load safely to maximum depth with the maximum Safe Working Load (SWL) available all the way down.

Gentle rope handling


Gentle rope handling and a controlled environment safeguard the fibre rope, guaranteeing a long lifetime. MacGregor fibre rope cranes use a novel capstan developed by Parkburn as a traction winch. A well proven de-tensioning system, the Parkburn capstan makes use of a unique construction with interlocking fingers to gently de-tension the rope. 

The capstan consists of two interlocking drums slightly angled and offset to each other.

The unique drum geometry creates a natural and stable rope helix with no fleeting forces and no twisting of the rope on the drum. The open design also assists with rope cooling. 

  • Load capacity not limited by depth

  • Low number of high tension bends

  • Large number of capstan contact surfaces ensures gentle rope handling

  • Capstan design minimises heat build-up in the rope

  • Gentle rope spooling and storage at low tension

  • Rope splicing on-board

  • Rope condition management system

  • Highly efficient electric or hydraulic drives

  • Proven MacGregor and Parkburn technologies

  • Possible to retrofit on existing crane or foundation